Virgin of the waiting room

An update from the Signs of Life files.
Waiting room of community heath center, west side of Chicago.

Break down music

Today I did a little favor for a Under the Radar Magazine and shot the talented R&B musician, How to Dress Well, AKA Tom Krell. His latest album is releasing today and the European press is all aflutter. You can listen to his soulful ambient falsetto here.
Musician, How to Dress Well. ©Saverio Truglia

A silver spoon art walk.

Last month I wrangled 10 of Chicago's premier art dealers to be at a photo shoot for a CS magazine story about the very elite and VIP, Chicago Gallery week. Absent was honorary chair, mayor Rahm Emanuel (though it's safe to say he wasn't invited)  We shot at Wright Auctions on the west side using their inventory of mid-century modern wares.
L to R: Carrie Seacrist, Monique Meloche, Paul Gray, Scott Speh, Dan Devening, Adrew Rafacz, Rhona Hoffman, Jim Dempsey, John Corbett, Ellen Alderman
 A shoot like this with so many art world illuminati requires a light touch.  Naturally they'd want to talk and ignore the fact that there's a camera on them, so I let this happen. We brought a little wine and kept the shoot loose and unconventional. 

I knew many of these folks from my early days as an artwork photographer. I cut my teeth shooting ads for Art and Auction magazine of David Hockney flower painting installed beside  Giacometti bronzes for Paul Gray, and scrolling Jenny Holzer texts for Rhona Hoffman.  Those days are long past but like from my father's restaurant business, learned a great deal from these folks about how to treat your customers and run a small business.