Getting hooked on photography.

We all got started on photography at some point, usually when we were teenagers. This morning, I hosted a dozen high school students from Marwen Foundation at my studio with their instructor, Carl Sweets to show them a professional studio, my work, and to go take some pictures outside.

I coached them on directing subjects into a picture and how to creatively use available light . With half a dozen DSLR's shared among the class, they accosted Halloween costumed passersby and explored a garbage dump I took them to:)

Afterwards, I made time for their class portrait. Maren makes available excellent arts education for FREE to any Chicago child.

Now offering dance lessons.

I shot a cover on Tuesday for a weekly Sunday magazine. It was an athletic shoot for me, but especially for my talent. I squeezed him for all he had to give:) Check back on Monday November 8, to see the cover.

video: Sam Porretta

Chicago Reader Cover

I shot the cover portrait for this weeks Chicago Reader about the new Leed certified shared use, "Logan Square Kitchen". It's a culinary business incubator which has been caught up in Kafkaesque red tape with the city over zoning and permitting.
Cover design: Paul Higgins