Luscious dude.

My stylist Kami and I just got back from a couple days shooting in Austin, Texas for Energy BBDO. I don't want to say too much until the ad is produced and running, but I'll be putting up some production photos soon. Just think, 6'3" of hunky dude, pecs out to here and a 75 lb cement racoon in the suburbs. Check back for more clues.

I see London...3

My work is currently on view in London in a show mounted by the London Photographic Association (LPA) at Calumet photography. It's a jurried exhibition of portraits called Let's Face It 3 (a threequal) I was bestowed, what they call in England, Highly Recommended in the portrait series category. They chose 4 images from my project, "No Time for Losers". It's a series of pictures about people who win awards at unusual pursuits. Some pictures were about a champion miniature boat builder, child beauty pageant winner, floral arranging contestant, livestock grand champion. You get the idea. Big ups to Julie Korman and Karen Brody for styling on this one here.

I don't know what more to say about this one.

Photo editor: Elizabeth Tamny, Chicago Reader.

All for Design

Sixteen renowned design professionals took up residence on the walls of
my studio for a few days when I was asked to shoot the cover feature of
a cool design trade publication called i4Design.
This is a classic example of what could have been a simple execution
turning into a production for the love of the game.
Publishers, Mitch Obstfeld and Teri Tito gave me a wide berth to present

sixteen folks however I dreamed, filling 32 pages and a gatefold cover.

My friend and stylist, Kami Bremyer dug into this project like a hot knife to butter
hooking up furniture loans, props, wallpaper, Chinese food, whatever we needed.
We shot the designers over a couple days, and built the set on the third day.
On the fourth day, all the designers crawled into their
respective frames to be shot on the walls.

Designers are not actors but sustainable engineer, Anil Ahuja (below)
was a comedian. A guy I could photograph over and over again
because he kept impressing me with his
antics and looked good while doing what I told him to...

...even if he looked silly doing it.
Thanks to Lindsey Hedge for producing this bear
and Ashely Bourdon for hair and make up.

Cowboy Up. Get down.

I met this guy while shooting for Rolling Stone last year. He sauntered out of Alcala's Western Wear onto my set weilding a gun in a holster tucked under his left arm. It looked like a toy, cowboy model with a bone white grip and long shiney barrell. I was shooting Damien Kulash from OK Go for a fashion story when he stepped onto the street dresses entirely in black with silver tipped boots and a star badge over his heart. Damien asked to have his picture taken with the man in black so I naturally hooked him up. (check my site to see the picture)

Hudson "Big Hat" Black works as a horse-mounted Homeland Security officer at the airport, drives a snowplow in the winter, is a country western DJ and line dancer at a private cowboy bar his father owns, and is step son to blues ledgend, KoKo Taylor. I've been to the cowboy bar but, I'm not telling where it is. It's a damn secret.

Don't mess with my midget, or my dog!

Running now is a little man from a speeding golfball. Naw. Just these ads
I shot for
Capital One. Have you seen those commercials of Vikings who try to get
jobs in the private sector after pillaging has been banned? This is the
new campaign they are running created by
DDB Chicago. We shot
this 3 ad campaign in a church in the Uptown neighborhood in Chicago. Some
of the talent is also seen in the companion TV spots. (I've not seen them yet)
Note the dog painting here. (click it) You want it don't you? I knew the art directors Tim Souers and Mark Westman were going to jack it if I turned my back so I screwed it to the wall.
But it sure looks good in my living room. Sorry fellas.
Art Buyer: Suzanne Koller
Retouching: Giannini Creative Imaging

Dancers are easy, just messy.

Let me tell you. It doesn't take much to make a dancer look great, but under that muscular and graceful exterior lies a women's locker room floor filled with pink point shoes, discarded water bottles, underwear and empty shoping bags. I recently had the treat of photographing Joffrey Ballet star, Britta Lazenga at the Joffrey studio for Chicago Magazine (April 2007) and there I discovered the truth. Dancers are really sloppy! There are some 20 female dancers at the Joffrey and each has a messy, little pile on the locker room floor of their belongings. What's most interesting is that like penguin parents to their chicks, each dancer can identify nearly identical piles as their own. Further, they know which other pile belongs to whom. It's safe to say that I did a little organizing for this picture, and in the end, was requested to pile it all back in the proper mound. Thanks to Krista Gobeli for hair and make-up.
Photo editor: Todd Urban

Andrew Bird whistles while he works, but does better just working.

Whistling vituoso and violin wonder, Andrew Bird, alighted himself in the studio to be photographed for the current issue of Rolling Stone (April 19, 2007) He's promoting his new album Armchair Apocrypha releasing soon. You've got to check out this guy if he plays your town. He whistles like his namesake, but in person he's a humble gentleman and quiet as a ghost. No grande posse with this dude. He showed up with a few crumpled suits in a bag and his mussed up do. Thanks to Joyce "Juicy" Taft for doping up that hair.
Photo editor: Deborah Dragon