Shoot, then eat.

You know I'm not a food photographer, but when the client reimburses me for an aged, 20 oz grass fed, porterhouse, I'll shoot anything. I plan to grill this puppy with my team on the 15th floor veranda tomorrow night at Lexington and 27th.


The reason I drove from Chicago to NY and did not fly, was to more easily visit La Famiglia Truglia. Since coming to NY for the month, I've driven the 4.5 hours home, 3X to spend some QT with the gene pool. I'll be heading back to NY in the morning for a client/friend dinner in the evening. This NY experiment has been a pretty good so far!

My father, Saverio G. Truglia standing upon his new leaching field.

My niece, Avery revealing her star spangled belly
on the rocks on Rye Beach.

My dad in his cozy but cluttered living room. CNN or FOX
always looming large.

Both New England nieces, Avery and Rylee.

Show 1, show 2, show 3.

You may have seen me on the streets of Chicago this week with a portfolio in hand.
I came to Chicago briefly this week as my rep group and I did 3 wonderful shows at 3 terrific shops. Leo Burnett, Energy BBDO and Y&R/Wunderman. Thanks to all the Art Buyers who hosted us and the the creatives who took time to introduce themselves and look at my work.
I'm back in NY and looking forward to NY Photo Fest tonight! See you there.

Lunch/ cocktail show at Energy BBDO

In NY for May. Hooray!

I will be away from Chicago all May living in Red Hook, Brooklyn (and Venice, CA). Keep track of my movements on Twitter. (see side bar) View my official newsletter announcement HERE. This is no vacation people and I'm quite available for New York. wink:)