These fortunes are whack.

Anthony Munoz, an advertising art director and newly minted proud father to son Cedar, here in China (town) for a occasional Chicago Reader feature called What Are You Wearing? (WAYW?) When I first got an assignment 3 years ago to shoot for this section, I was not entirely interested. Fashion was not my thing. Now after having done a few dozen WAYW? assignments thus far, street fashion has proven to be a pretty stimulating creative launching point for a lot of pictures I absolutely love.

Collaboraction does Siddhartha

My friends at Collaboraction theater company are again attempting to stage a difficult production in a challenging environment, replete with too many liquored-up folks and too few electrical outlets. On October 3, they will be launching a 2 week production of the story of
Siddhartha at a very dope new club called Lumen in Chicago. I shot a press photo last night on the banks of the quite polluted, yet beautiful Chicago River. Jumping fish and scurrying rabbits added to the sensation that we were no longer in Kansas. The doctor says the eye irritation should subside soon.