A full house.

Here's what the studio looks like on a typical advertising shoot. This is an out take from last weeks project for The Illinois Lottery. Keep an eyeball out for it around October 1.

Photos: Chris Kitahara
Crew: Stephanie F., Bob W., Chris K., Brynne R., Karen B., and Neil B..

Back to School-Time Magazine

Summer 'aint what it used to be. Some schools in the country are beginning in early August, and most have no air conditioning! The true reason for this is to improve the American education system and catch up to the Japanese.

These are a couple out-takes of my shoot this week for Time Magazine.

Thanks to Brynn, Morgan, Richard, Derrick and the Principal of Saucedo Elementary School in Little Village, for making it happen on such short notice.

South Side Explorer

So many beautiful old homes in Chicago. This one jumped out at me when returning home on my bike from Final Cut Pro lessons at my buddy Mike's house.

Dora in Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago

Running laying down.

It's increasingly hard to work when it's so beautiful out these days. So I compromise and
relax on the beach, in the studio. This is me on a set I made for a Runners World shoot, and later retouched in North Avenue Beach.

Doing so did require me to go to the beach to capture the landscape. PS If you ever thought Chicago has no promenade, go to North Ave Beach. It's the Midwestern version of the Venice boardwalk. Eeeh!

PDN- Chicago on Chicago

The July ‘09 issue of PDN has a great section about shooting in Chicago, which includes my thoughts on living and working in “The City that Works”.
In short, I love it here. Like Laurie Rubin, love being able to have a home with a garden. I agree with my friend, Paul Elledge, going to the Hideout to see a rock show and drink beer is a favorite past time.

As much as I love shooting outside and on location, I agree with my buddy Steve Grubman about the advantages of having studio space. I have a studio that I can ride my bike to when my ideas need a bit more control and precision.

And like I say, two busy airports are nice. My New York editorial clients might agree. I can get anywhere in the country to shoot and be back again in the same day. No hotel stays straining their budgets.