Personal pool party

The scariest part of an underwater shoot is the part where you first submerge your camera into the drink. Happily, my cameras stayed warm and dry inside their German, Zip-Loc style housing.

This weekend I collaborated with my awesome team of Kami Bremyer (stylist), Lindsey Williams (make-up), Chris Kitahara (assistant), and Stephanie Foyer (producer) to make a personal piece about great American sadness.

Thanks to the fabulous Chicago Park District and Portage Park pool staff for hosting our afternoon of madness which no doubt confused swimmers and life guards alike.

I'm so popular on Flickr

People. I never thought it would happen but my picture of a Daytona Beach wet T-shirt contest is nearing its 80,000th view on Flickr! It shares company with random porn and a picture of black and white faced monkeys sucking face.

The Agency who fell to Earth

My good friends Julie and Scott are rocking with a successful new talent agency called Planet Earth Agency. They are representing down to Earth people for print and TV.

I shot their latest casting call at my studio today and as usual, I'm inspired by the characters they are bringing into my world of photography. Check it out their site!

Here, Julie and I pose for our traditional, last shot of the casting.

Molly's Marathon

Congratulations to my girlfriend, Molly for completing her second marathon in a year. This one in record breaking time of 3 hours 55 minutes. We went to San Francisco last weekend for her to run 26.2 miles over the Golden Gate Bridge a LOT of hills. I caught up with her on my bike within the first 5 miles and pappa razzi'ed her for a while before meeting up at the finish line.

Afterward we went back to our friend's house in Alamo Square and slept the race off. After all, we were up at 4am. She finished 153rd of 1483 women, and 27th in her age group.