How to take better pictures

I helped some friends at Bill Jacobs VW outside of Chicago with their blog post about tips for making better pictures. Along with 5 other photographers, I share my musing on what I look for and what I do when taking pictures for myself.  BTW. Have you seen the new Beetle?

Season's Greetings

At the close of another year, I am again humbled that making art and messing around with pictures is what puts gas in my car.  I look forward to making more creative and inspiring work with all of my talented crew and collaborators.  Look for my new website to launch in early 2013 at

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Wise words for $18.21

1. I just gradated from photography school and need to get a job.
2. I am reaching a successful mid career but wonder if I could be doing something better .
3. I hear that cameras now don't need film.

If any of these sounds like you, you should buy this book.  I mention it because along with photographers Chase Jarvis, Mark Katzman, and Dan Winters, there's an interview with me in this resource from ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers).  Buy it here.

I'm on pages 240-242

Mormon lust

The Tony Award winning play, The Book of Mormon is sold out into April and it's barely open yet.
There's something of a fervor around the tickets to this apparently raunchy tale told by the creators of South Park. (can you tell I've not seen it?)

Time Out Chicago had the idea to shoot a Mormon missionary who's strayed into the theater district into the clutches of ticketless would be theater goers.
A behind the scenes video of the shoot is here.

Pulling a Mormon from Saverio Truglia on Vimeo.
Behind the scenes from yesterday's shoot in Milwaukee.

Film friendly

When Hollywood comes to Chicago for its locations or unique production capabilities, Rick Moskal eventually gets involved. Rich is the Director of the Chicago film office and I photographed him for the CS Mens Book magazine.  We shot on location at Gig Rig where the film and photography industry hires motor homes and production support vehicles.
Rich Moskal. Director of Chicago Film Office.

 I really enjoyed meeting Rich as we're both big fans of the Starz drama series Boss about  a corrupt and intransigent Chicago mayor who's secretly living with a fatal neurological disease.
On a brighter side, Rich and I had a great chat about the direction of the film industry in Chicago and some horror stories about a Bollywood action adventure filming in town that was giving him some heartburn.