A pretty good stand-in.

I joined forces with Collaboraction Creative Director, Sam Porretta to create and shoot the marketing image for G.I.F.T. It's a theatrical performance that looks at ideas that accompany the possession and sharing of our gifts. The short run begins in mid November.

Thanks to Tania Bowers for make-up, Anthony Tortoriello for assisting and Alex, the real baby.

I shot the Mayor!

Last week I had the pleasure to present Chicago Mayor, Richard Daley the gift of one of my hand made "I Hot Dog Chicago" T-shirts. This immediately lightened the anxiety he must have been feeling about being in my lime-light....Um yeah. Seriously though, we did both get a chuckle when I forced him to pimp my shirt.

A Rodent Love Story

Out now is a story I shot for very cool, Discover Magazine about why some mammals are more monogamous than others. Dr. Sue Carter of University of Illinois Dept. of Psychiatry, studies a brain chemical called Oxytocin and in particular the Prairie Vole who can't seem to get enough of it.

Steppenwolf Poster is out!

I'm honored to have created a poster image to promote a new play at the Steppenwolf Theater, House on Mango Street.

For their next Steppenwolf for Young Adults play, Sandra Delgado stars in as Esperanza (front), a young girl who's beliefs are being shaped by her run-down Chicago neighborhood and the people who live there. Also in picture, L to R are Belinda Cervantes and Christina Nieves.
The run begins October 13.

Thanks, The Letter!

Glasgow based designer, Blair Millen has a great visual website called, The Letter where he compiles interesting and colorful tidbits about design and art to share with the world. He posted a nice comment about my work on his beautiful website.

Shooting for the Chicago 2016

I was up by 3:30 today to help promote Chicago to the International Olympic Committee in October. Maybe after 15 hours of shooting, climbing a 10' basketball hoop was not the best idea, but I probably did my best work of the day up there.

Photo: Richard Lech

Picture in NY Times

A picture of mine recently accompanied a New York Times story about a stage production which made it's mark using foul language, graphic violence...and a most controversial money back guarantee. Read the full story here.