At Home with Adult Performers

Very recently I've been shooting a personal project about adult performers at home. It's a subject I was inspired to follow after having met and shot alt porn performer Phoenix Askani for an assignment. Usually only known in cyber space, this project explores the intersection between the public and private lives of internet based adult performers.  In the process I'm collecting interviews and their insights about their industry and personal relationships.
Ruby Paige

Veruca James
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Note that depending on where you make a living, these pictures may be NSFW. (Not Safe For Work)

Staged Portraits: Victory Gardens Theater

Over the years I've been fortunate to work with wonderfully talented stage theater companies. Included among them is Victory Gardens Theater. Now headed by artistic Director Chay Yew, the company has become one of the most cutting edge companies producing today.

Working with Marketing Director John Zinn, we created a series of 4 dynamic and intimate portraits to promote the 2011/12 season which are now on display in the theater's historic lobby. Just today I was at the Biograph for a concepting meeting for next season and was honored to see the pictures on display, hung side by side like some weird family.

Victory Gardens 2011/2012 play posters.

Famed Bank Robber John Dillinger was killed here by police in 1934.

Hats off to my Victory Gardens collaborators John Zinn, Director of Marketing and Communications and Tim Speicher, Marketing Manager. Creative retouching my Tim Blokel and Paradigm Color

Rubber Angel

Angel's Tire Shop. Open 24 hrs on the unfashionable end of 18th Street in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood.

Angel waits for customers atop his zero emissions hog.

Faces of Obamacare.

Love it or hate it, Obamacare is on. (at least until the Supreme Court has it's ruling) The US government has funneled $6 million to a wide range of heath care professionals charged to develop innovative ways to economically serve health care in America. Fast Company Magazine assigned me to shoot 2 of these innovators for their April 2012 issue.

Stevie Riel provides affordable prescriptions to the un or under insured.
Photographed in Benson's pharmacy, Muskeegon, MI.

Dr. Skrikant Iyer has developed an emergency room triage system to serve both seriously ill as well as mildly ill patients in separate spaces creating a huge cost savings. Photographed at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

Marian Barragan:
Photo Editor
Leslie Dela Vega: Managing Photo Editor
Florian Bachleda: Creative Director

Coupon Punk

I recently received this totally illegible magazine in the mail. I wish I could have simply read the magazine I contributed to but the pictures give the gist. Business Punk I gather is a risky German magazine dedicated to Jerky Boys style business culture around the world.  When thinking of America's daring and controversial business leaders, Andrew Mason eventually floats to the top.

Discount leader, Andrew Mason. CEO of Groupon.