Runner's World in NY

During my recent month-long stay in NY, I shot for Runner's World, a favorite client of mine.
They asked for a conceptual picture on the diet you should eat while training. This includes less meat and more veggies. I don't know if I could handle that meal.

Thanks to Photo Group for production, my old college dorm mate, Bryon Finn for scenic painting, Ikea, Home Depot, the Chinese restaurant supply on Houston, Fairway Foods, and two of the butcher's on Court St. for the meat and $5 dirty smock.

After I shot one for the magazine, I made this variation for my book and ate the steak
(actually a 20 oz. porterhouse)

El Grito del Collaboraction

Collaboraction Theater has concocted another challenging production that will push your expectation of summer theater. I was asked by creative director, Sam Porretta to shoot the hero image now being used to promote the play.

El Grito del Brox is story of murder, family and the redemption of a bride-to-be, which ranges from the late 1970's to early 90's. Presented jointly by Collaboraction, Teatro Vista and the Goodman Theater, it is directed by Anthony Moseley.
The run begins July 14 at The Goodman Theater.

Thanks for the Guinness T-Shirt

I just rolled back into Chicago after a month working in NY to this really great note! It's from a 10 year-old kid I shot recently for a picture used by a theater company to promote their show.
You can click on it to read it yourself.

The "gift" I received was a Guinness hat and T-shirt combo!
How did he know I drank the stuff? Now if he gave me an 18 year Mccallum, then I'm your man.

Alex working his heart out!