I'm switching to grass.

As gas prices finally slump, it's still important in the words of Sarah Palin, "...to secure our energy future."

Randy Cortright

Photo by Alan Rovge

More often now, the editorial stories I shoot for national magazines are about alternative energy sources. In the past week, I photographed two subjects for TIME about renewable energy sources. Here I'm shooting a story about bio-fuel production in a switch grass field in Wisconsin. You can read the story here.

This little guy just came down and visited a while.

Tongue. It's what's for dinner.

Jessie Adler, photo editor at Fast Company (the most interesting and well edited business magazine on news stands) asked me to fly to Wichita this week. I shot three young executives and chef in the test kitchen of a international food company. The story is about the business of food and those cuts of meat most Western diets pinch their noses to.

Seven beef tongues await their 15 minutes of fame.

Like tripe and menudo, beef tongue is one of those cow parts popularly sold in smaller Hispanic markets in cities like Dallas, Phoenix and Chicago. In addition to tasty tongue tacos, I sampled amazing Mexican horchata with lime and a specialty item the chef picked up on a research trip to L.A.. Though I don't think toasted grasshopper will make it into the local Safeway store soon.

Runner's World. Fast Food.

Runner's World photo editor, Andrea Maurio has the most radio friendly voice I've ever heard out of a photo editor. She also has for me some of the most open ended assignments, and I love her for it.
One of the last times her voice called, it was to make an image that represents how little time you need to make a delicious and nutritious meal fit for a marathoner. We built a little kitchen set in the studio, found a "wall clock", bought a stove, etc. Thanks to Molly Topper for her help as the runner. She really can run though.

Me waiting for the treats Molly is serving up.

Yes we did!

I was proud to be in the company of 125,000-250,000 (who's counting) fellow voters and our new President last night in Chicago to celebrate what hopes to be the beginning of a new era in American politics.
Big ups to my family in Florida for voting Democrat this year.

The crowd goes wild when Obama took the stage.