Steppenwolf Poster

I'm honored to have created a poster image to promote a new play at the venerable, Steppenwolf Theater.

For their next Steppenwolf for Young Adults play, Sandra Delgado stars in House on Mango Street as Esperanza (front), a young girl who's beliefs are being shaped by her run-down neighborhood and people in it. The run begins October 13.

Opener for Chicago Magazine

My portrait for Chicago Magazine of Stephanie Smith, curator of Chicago's, Smart Museum is on newsstands now. Thanks to Lambs Farm for hosting this production and allowing us to play with the animals.

A (im)perfect pair.

I've been very curious about these things, so I decided to get to know them.

Portraits on Cermak Rd Vol. 1

Some new work in a project I'm currently calling, "Portraits on Cermak". They are portraits of small business owners or employees along Cermak Rd. in Chicago.

Tim, Palace Cleaners

Cermak Rd. is an industrial and business zoned street that bisects the city from the lake to the western suburbs. It's home to thousands of small businesses and storefronts that serve the communities it runs through...More to come!

Jose, Family Hair
Thanks to my intern, Richard Lech for breaking the language barrier.

A shark shack.

This is the midwest, but in so many ways, you could also be on the Mexican Rivera.

On my bike this weekend, I visited locations that have intrigued me for a while, but never stopped for in my car. These were both taken at a south side seafood restaurant next to a giant donut shop. That's GIANT donuts!

Why you're not psychotic.

Yesterday's shoot was as fun as it was informative. I photographed a leading psychiatrist for a special feature on the brain. After the shoot, we chatted at length about why we are the ways we are, and the chemical reactions that have us bond to one-another.

Assistant Chris Kitahara gets his love on.

Steppenwolf on W. 23rd Place

House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros is the next play in the Steppenwolf Theater's, Steppenwolf for Young Adults series.

Me riding on Mango Street

Today I worked with the wonderful team from the theater's marketing department, and my own to distill a marketing image from this iconic Chicago story. They will be using my picture to promote the play which begins in the fall.

To keep it simple, I opted to not shoot on Mango Street, but W. 23rd Pl. near my home so to use it as the production office and make-up room. The best part of the day was when the neighborhood kids asked my crew for their autographs....

Hint: It's the Love Drug.

I'm often considered a conceptual photographer. Probably because I so often solve the problem of, "How do we make a picture about 'that' idea?" So next week I will be making a portrait about this molecular compound. Yes, a portrait.

If you can guess this compound, I will send you an original, "I Hotdog Chicago" t-shirt in the mail.

Congratulations to Evan Sears for the answer: Oxytocin

Yellowbird in Shots Magazine

One of my favorite images, Yellowbird and the Snake, is now included in Shots Magazine, summer issue. Shots is a Minneapolis based, quarterly journal of fine art photography in its 22nd year of publication.

Yellowbird and the Snake, 2009

Humma, humma, humma.

Here's a new portrait from today.

Bicycle Belly Surfing

Here's a fun sport that was invented outside my home this past weekend. I've not seen it before.