Propped up

This summer I am going about thing all wrong. Check back for more Best Practices.

Take a script, 8 minutes, knock out a story.

For the umpteenth year, I'm collaborating with my extended family at Collaboraction Theater Co. to create images of their works in progress. Collaboraction is set to open Sketchbook, their annual festival of short plays on June 1 at the Steppenwolf Theater and press photos are in non existent supply.

Sketchbook is a month long festival of 16 plays under 8 minutes interlaced with live, original music, and art. It's a high energy, electrified... I don't know what. Just see it.

The shoots I do are really fast. We grab some actors, a little
wardrobe, nothing of a plan and see what we can make together. This is an exercises I love because it reminds me to trust my gut. I also love it because the plays haven't been developed yet and I get to literally interpret and direct someones play for the camera, on the friggin spot.

I took a bike ride

Mothers Day 2007. After going to Home Depot, I took a short bike ride in my new neighborhood on the southwest side of Chicago. I met some new people and visited places I can't seem to slow down for in my car.

1. Typesetter

2. Vacant lot next to a
"Checks Cashed".

3. Brothers selling Mothers Day
Baskets at a KFC.