Happy Holidays.

Thanks to Stephanie Foyer-producer, Evan Sears-assistant, Jay Neader-props, Planet Earth Agency and Real Talent-talent.

Dessert Book Cover

I photographed the cover of a new cook book by the sweet and generous, Alain Roby. Alain is the Hyatt Hotel's Senior Corporate Pastry Chef and a Guinness Book Award winner. Alain Roby-American Classics is the French pastry chef's take on classic American desserts. I photographed him in his home kitchen outside of Chicago, and yes we ate the props.

A Risque Reader Cover

One of my shoots this week was to photograph the cover of the Chicago Reader. The weekly paper asked me to make a portrait of Joeseph Laiacona, candidate for Illinois State Representative and well known writer on bondage and leather fetish.

So not to get Laiacona's campaign into hot water, I chose to shoot the cover somewhat differently than originally art directed. Thanks to Yunya Hirai (cover talent), Suzan Abud, Natasha Gornik, and Busy Beaver Button Co. for their help in coordinating this project. Photo editor Paul Higgins.

Joe Laiacona behind his Chicago home.

And for the uncut version.

Creativity and Collaboration Panel Discussion. FREE

I will be part of a FREE panel discussion about collaboration in the design and advertising fields. I am thrilled to be on such an esteemed panel of hyper-professionals in their fields. Panelists: Saverio Truglia, Andrew Martin, Todd Hoffman, Jonathan Amen, Liz Miller-Gershfeld and Chris Froeter. Moderators: Caroline Cook Juhlin and Richard Zeid.

October 27, 6:30pm
Columbia College 600 S. Michigan.

October 17-Slideluck Potshow-Chicago III

I invite you to participate in the third annual Slideluck Potshow Chicago. SLPS is a unique photographer's slideshow and potluck dinner, rolled into one. This edition's theme is LOST & FOUND. I'm a co-organizer, so will guarantee that you'll have a great time.

October 17, 7-11 (Sideshows begin at 9)
1287 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

We: Show a 30+ photographer's musical sideshows.
You: Bring a dish and some beer or wine to share.
We: Provide plates, utensils and recycling.
You: Relax, socialize and hang out.
We: Have invited DJ LA Jesus to spin before, between and after the programs.
You: Come to our after-party at Loft Six Ten

Here's my own LOST & FOUND submission.

Speaking tonight at Harrington College

October 8, 2009
I'll be speaking tonight at Harrington College of Design in Chicago. If you're a student please stop in. I think there will be beer!

I'll be talking about my work and career as well as the importance of personal work. Other topics will include business strategy and why to bother being an artist.

Bin Laden Blowin' Up!

What's in a name? Plenty of innuendo and some art direction I suppose. BBU (which stands for Bin Laden Blowin' Up) is a politically minded Hip Hop unit that makes some of the best dance floor jams this side of Kabul. I shot them for the Chicago Reader. You can read Miles Raymer's accompanying article here.


Wild postings of my Illinois Lottery ads are out in force this month. They fit in nicely among the crop of Halloween movie posters. (That was the point)
They appear in neighborhoods, vacant lots and out of the places all over the city.
See smaller ones inside wherever you score your lotto tix. Good Luck!

Agency: Energy BBDO
Art Director: Tim Mikus
Art Buyer: Laura Feeney

A pretty good stand-in.

I joined forces with Collaboraction Creative Director, Sam Porretta to create and shoot the marketing image for G.I.F.T. It's a theatrical performance that looks at ideas that accompany the possession and sharing of our gifts. The short run begins in mid November.

Thanks to Tania Bowers for make-up, Anthony Tortoriello for assisting and Alex, the real baby.

I shot the Mayor!

Last week I had the pleasure to present Chicago Mayor, Richard Daley the gift of one of my hand made "I Hot Dog Chicago" T-shirts. This immediately lightened the anxiety he must have been feeling about being in my lime-light....Um yeah. Seriously though, we did both get a chuckle when I forced him to pimp my shirt.

A Rodent Love Story

Out now is a story I shot for very cool, Discover Magazine about why some mammals are more monogamous than others. Dr. Sue Carter of University of Illinois Dept. of Psychiatry, studies a brain chemical called Oxytocin and in particular the Prairie Vole who can't seem to get enough of it.

Steppenwolf Poster is out!

I'm honored to have created a poster image to promote a new play at the Steppenwolf Theater, House on Mango Street.

For their next Steppenwolf for Young Adults play, Sandra Delgado stars in as Esperanza (front), a young girl who's beliefs are being shaped by her run-down Chicago neighborhood and the people who live there. Also in picture, L to R are Belinda Cervantes and Christina Nieves.
The run begins October 13.

Thanks, The Letter!

Glasgow based designer, Blair Millen has a great visual website called, The Letter where he compiles interesting and colorful tidbits about design and art to share with the world. He posted a nice comment about my work on his beautiful website.

Shooting for the Chicago 2016

I was up by 3:30 today to help promote Chicago to the International Olympic Committee in October. Maybe after 15 hours of shooting, climbing a 10' basketball hoop was not the best idea, but I probably did my best work of the day up there.

Photo: Richard Lech

Picture in NY Times

A picture of mine recently accompanied a New York Times story about a stage production which made it's mark using foul language, graphic violence...and a most controversial money back guarantee. Read the full story here.

Steppenwolf Poster

I'm honored to have created a poster image to promote a new play at the venerable, Steppenwolf Theater.

For their next Steppenwolf for Young Adults play, Sandra Delgado stars in House on Mango Street as Esperanza (front), a young girl who's beliefs are being shaped by her run-down neighborhood and people in it. The run begins October 13.

Opener for Chicago Magazine

My portrait for Chicago Magazine of Stephanie Smith, curator of Chicago's, Smart Museum is on newsstands now. Thanks to Lambs Farm for hosting this production and allowing us to play with the animals.

A (im)perfect pair.

I've been very curious about these things, so I decided to get to know them.

Portraits on Cermak Rd Vol. 1

Some new work in a project I'm currently calling, "Portraits on Cermak". They are portraits of small business owners or employees along Cermak Rd. in Chicago.

Tim, Palace Cleaners

Cermak Rd. is an industrial and business zoned street that bisects the city from the lake to the western suburbs. It's home to thousands of small businesses and storefronts that serve the communities it runs through...More to come!

Jose, Family Hair
Thanks to my intern, Richard Lech for breaking the language barrier.

A shark shack.

This is the midwest, but in so many ways, you could also be on the Mexican Rivera.

On my bike this weekend, I visited locations that have intrigued me for a while, but never stopped for in my car. These were both taken at a south side seafood restaurant next to a giant donut shop. That's GIANT donuts!

Why you're not psychotic.

Yesterday's shoot was as fun as it was informative. I photographed a leading psychiatrist for a special feature on the brain. After the shoot, we chatted at length about why we are the ways we are, and the chemical reactions that have us bond to one-another.

Assistant Chris Kitahara gets his love on.

Steppenwolf on W. 23rd Place

House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros is the next play in the Steppenwolf Theater's, Steppenwolf for Young Adults series.

Me riding on Mango Street

Today I worked with the wonderful team from the theater's marketing department, and my own to distill a marketing image from this iconic Chicago story. They will be using my picture to promote the play which begins in the fall.

To keep it simple, I opted to not shoot on Mango Street, but W. 23rd Pl. near my home so to use it as the production office and make-up room. The best part of the day was when the neighborhood kids asked my crew for their autographs....

Hint: It's the Love Drug.

I'm often considered a conceptual photographer. Probably because I so often solve the problem of, "How do we make a picture about 'that' idea?" So next week I will be making a portrait about this molecular compound. Yes, a portrait.

If you can guess this compound, I will send you an original, "I Hotdog Chicago" t-shirt in the mail.

Congratulations to Evan Sears for the answer: Oxytocin

Yellowbird in Shots Magazine

One of my favorite images, Yellowbird and the Snake, is now included in Shots Magazine, summer issue. Shots is a Minneapolis based, quarterly journal of fine art photography in its 22nd year of publication.

Yellowbird and the Snake, 2009

Humma, humma, humma.

Here's a new portrait from today.

Bicycle Belly Surfing

Here's a fun sport that was invented outside my home this past weekend. I've not seen it before.

A full house.

Here's what the studio looks like on a typical advertising shoot. This is an out take from last weeks project for The Illinois Lottery. Keep an eyeball out for it around October 1.

Photos: Chris Kitahara
Crew: Stephanie F., Bob W., Chris K., Brynne R., Karen B., and Neil B..

Back to School-Time Magazine

Summer 'aint what it used to be. Some schools in the country are beginning in early August, and most have no air conditioning! The true reason for this is to improve the American education system and catch up to the Japanese.

These are a couple out-takes of my shoot this week for Time Magazine.

Thanks to Brynn, Morgan, Richard, Derrick and the Principal of Saucedo Elementary School in Little Village, for making it happen on such short notice.

South Side Explorer

So many beautiful old homes in Chicago. This one jumped out at me when returning home on my bike from Final Cut Pro lessons at my buddy Mike's house.

Dora in Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago

Running laying down.

It's increasingly hard to work when it's so beautiful out these days. So I compromise and
relax on the beach, in the studio. This is me on a set I made for a Runners World shoot, and later retouched in North Avenue Beach.

Doing so did require me to go to the beach to capture the landscape. PS If you ever thought Chicago has no promenade, go to North Ave Beach. It's the Midwestern version of the Venice boardwalk. Eeeh!

PDN- Chicago on Chicago

The July ‘09 issue of PDN has a great section about shooting in Chicago, which includes my thoughts on living and working in “The City that Works”.
In short, I love it here. Like Laurie Rubin, love being able to have a home with a garden. I agree with my friend, Paul Elledge, going to the Hideout to see a rock show and drink beer is a favorite past time.

As much as I love shooting outside and on location, I agree with my buddy Steve Grubman about the advantages of having studio space. I have a studio that I can ride my bike to when my ideas need a bit more control and precision.

And like I say, two busy airports are nice. My New York editorial clients might agree. I can get anywhere in the country to shoot and be back again in the same day. No hotel stays straining their budgets.

Runner's World in NY

During my recent month-long stay in NY, I shot for Runner's World, a favorite client of mine.
They asked for a conceptual picture on the diet you should eat while training. This includes less meat and more veggies. I don't know if I could handle that meal.

Thanks to Photo Group for production, my old college dorm mate, Bryon Finn for scenic painting, Ikea, Home Depot, the Chinese restaurant supply on Houston, Fairway Foods, and two of the butcher's on Court St. for the meat and $5 dirty smock.

After I shot one for the magazine, I made this variation for my book and ate the steak
(actually a 20 oz. porterhouse)

El Grito del Collaboraction

Collaboraction Theater has concocted another challenging production that will push your expectation of summer theater. I was asked by creative director, Sam Porretta to shoot the hero image now being used to promote the play.

El Grito del Brox is story of murder, family and the redemption of a bride-to-be, which ranges from the late 1970's to early 90's. Presented jointly by Collaboraction, Teatro Vista and the Goodman Theater, it is directed by Anthony Moseley.
The run begins July 14 at The Goodman Theater.

Thanks for the Guinness T-Shirt

I just rolled back into Chicago after a month working in NY to this really great note! It's from a 10 year-old kid I shot recently for a picture used by a theater company to promote their show.
You can click on it to read it yourself.

The "gift" I received was a Guinness hat and T-shirt combo!
How did he know I drank the stuff? Now if he gave me an 18 year Mccallum, then I'm your man.

Alex working his heart out!

Shoot, then eat.

You know I'm not a food photographer, but when the client reimburses me for an aged, 20 oz grass fed, porterhouse, I'll shoot anything. I plan to grill this puppy with my team on the 15th floor veranda tomorrow night at Lexington and 27th.


The reason I drove from Chicago to NY and did not fly, was to more easily visit La Famiglia Truglia. Since coming to NY for the month, I've driven the 4.5 hours home, 3X to spend some QT with the gene pool. I'll be heading back to NY in the morning for a client/friend dinner in the evening. This NY experiment has been a pretty good so far!

My father, Saverio G. Truglia standing upon his new leaching field.

My niece, Avery revealing her star spangled belly
on the rocks on Rye Beach.

My dad in his cozy but cluttered living room. CNN or FOX
always looming large.

Both New England nieces, Avery and Rylee.