The Mocking of a Photoshoot.

It was snowing heavily when we showed up at the Congress Theater in an equipment van to shoot for Wahl salon products. You know Wahl clippers if you've ever been to the barber shop and the guy lays a cold, sharp, noisy electric clipper to the back of your neck and you think , "I should be seeing blood now". Wahl also makes Kayline portable salon furniture which was what I was shooting.

The creative was to showcase Kayline's portability on a professional photo shoot. With a tight crew and even less heat, I shot two ads with one professional model and two official Wahl stylists who traveled with our client. It was a riot thinking backwards about what to include in a "photo shoot" because they can be so....well, un-beautiful at times. See behind-the-scenes here.

I truly enjoyed working in the old Congress Theater again. I've shot many dirty, hairy rock bands there for magazines in the past. Before the shoot I considered how to play down it's fading graces and emphasize it's old glory. With clever lighting we carefully placed our shadows over the dingy bits and took decades off its age. The snow continued to fall, the heat finally kicked in. By the time we we finished around 6 o'clock we all skidded our cars away down a snowy street, me with two pretty ads on a hard drive in my pocket.

Agency: Grip
Art Director: Josh Blaylock
Hair and make up: Joyce Taft
Wardrobe: Brynne Rinderknecht