Hardball Fantasy

It's been 66 years since the Chicago Cubs have been in a World Series. (103 years since they won) The south side Chicago White Sox are better off having just won World Series in 2005. None-the-less, baseball fans hope that each new season will be THEIR YEAR. The crew over at Time Out Chicago dreamed up a little fantasy of their own for this weeks baseball season issue.

I was asked to make an image of two hardcore Chicago baseball fans invoking lucky superstitions to bring fortune to their team this year. Time Out liked my idea to have an appearance by the Billy Goat famous for the curse cast upon the 1945 Cubs during their last chance at a Series win.

Using 8 original seats borrowed from Wrigley Field, two funny looking dudes and a petting zoo goat, I assembled the cover by doing an in-studio shoot. Some 12 pieces were shot separately and retouched as one seamless image.

Time Out Associate Art Director, Carrie Ferris enjoys livestock detail.

The challenge was not so much how to technically create what appears to be the nosebleed section at a ball park on a limited budget, but how to keep the goat from peeing on the floor. I quickly realized it was futile, put on my rubber boots and went to work.

Me photographing the goat plates.

Stylist-Liz Klafeta
Talent-Planet Earth Agency
Asistant-Krystina Archer
Make-up- Jennifer Brown
Retoucher-Tim Blokel
Photo Editor-Martha Williams
Assoc. Art Director-Carrie Ferris