Viva la revolucion

Not since the Tiananmen Square the protests in 1989 have I been so floored by mass uprisings of people. Today's revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia have inspired a new wave across the Arab world that is writing history. Inspired by the same, my friends at Collaboraction Theater have dedicated their annual debauched throw-down, Carnaval to recognize our past and current change agents. Let Them Eat Cake is this year's theme for the March 19 event at Double Door.

A variation of this image I made is being used to promote the event in
wild postings and on the web.

Before designing this image, a long conversation ensued among myself and the event's designers about the nature of revolution. We asked, who are revolting today and how might contemporary Americans identify with current events in the context of a party invitation? The phrases "Let them eat cake" is commonly misattributed to the 18th century queen of France, Marie Antoinette but so commonly so that we chose to visualize a character from France circa 1790, but with a fiery little spin.