Don't mess with my midget, or my dog!

Running now is a little man from a speeding golfball. Naw. Just these ads
I shot for
Capital One. Have you seen those commercials of Vikings who try to get
jobs in the private sector after pillaging has been banned? This is the
new campaign they are running created by
DDB Chicago. We shot
this 3 ad campaign in a church in the Uptown neighborhood in Chicago. Some
of the talent is also seen in the companion TV spots. (I've not seen them yet)
Note the dog painting here. (click it) You want it don't you? I knew the art directors Tim Souers and Mark Westman were going to jack it if I turned my back so I screwed it to the wall.
But it sure looks good in my living room. Sorry fellas.
Art Buyer: Suzanne Koller
Retouching: Giannini Creative Imaging