Cowboy Up. Get down.

I met this guy while shooting for Rolling Stone last year. He sauntered out of Alcala's Western Wear onto my set weilding a gun in a holster tucked under his left arm. It looked like a toy, cowboy model with a bone white grip and long shiney barrell. I was shooting Damien Kulash from OK Go for a fashion story when he stepped onto the street dresses entirely in black with silver tipped boots and a star badge over his heart. Damien asked to have his picture taken with the man in black so I naturally hooked him up. (check my site to see the picture)

Hudson "Big Hat" Black works as a horse-mounted Homeland Security officer at the airport, drives a snowplow in the winter, is a country western DJ and line dancer at a private cowboy bar his father owns, and is step son to blues ledgend, KoKo Taylor. I've been to the cowboy bar but, I'm not telling where it is. It's a damn secret.