All for Design

Sixteen renowned design professionals took up residence on the walls of
my studio for a few days when I was asked to shoot the cover feature of
a cool design trade publication called i4Design.
This is a classic example of what could have been a simple execution
turning into a production for the love of the game.
Publishers, Mitch Obstfeld and Teri Tito gave me a wide berth to present

sixteen folks however I dreamed, filling 32 pages and a gatefold cover.

My friend and stylist, Kami Bremyer dug into this project like a hot knife to butter
hooking up furniture loans, props, wallpaper, Chinese food, whatever we needed.
We shot the designers over a couple days, and built the set on the third day.
On the fourth day, all the designers crawled into their
respective frames to be shot on the walls.

Designers are not actors but sustainable engineer, Anil Ahuja (below)
was a comedian. A guy I could photograph over and over again
because he kept impressing me with his
antics and looked good while doing what I told him to...

...even if he looked silly doing it.
Thanks to Lindsey Hedge for producing this bear
and Ashely Bourdon for hair and make up.