Box of bodies

Here's some behind the scenes of an image I shot for my friends at Collaboraction Theater for their upcoming production of, Dark Play. The story is about a phenomenon all who have dated on the internet has experienced. I call it "ideal projection". It happens when the person you've just met on the internet but know scant about seems to possess all the ideal qualities you've ever been looking for in a mate. In actually meeting them however, you find that your imagination has sorely let you down.

In Dark Play the story is fortunately more disturbing than what most of us have ever encountered on the web. In conclusion, things are not what they've seemed and let's just say the end comes with a visceral twist.

Our set was conceived and built by Collaboraction art director, Sam Poretta in my studio. We needed to shoot down on a box of writhing white bodies lit from below. Luckily I'd just received an iPad 2 and it came just in time for shooting this scene where the camera necessarily has to hover on a boom 12 feet in the air. I directed, shot and reviewed the whole thing from the iPad connected to a computer running capture software. Can photography ever get more slick?