Taking a shot at the Midfielder: Freddie Ljungberg

I had the opportunity to meet and photograph a Swedish gentleman for today's cover of the Chicago Tribune Magazine. Freddie Ljungberg, an international soccer superstar on par with David Beckham now plays for the Chicago Fire. He's a big deal in soccer, though in the U.S. he's likely most recognized for showing off his body on Calvin Klein underwear billboards.

I shoot him for a fashion/ fitness issue so we chose clothes that showed off his bod, but didn't recreate those famous Y-front ads from a few years ago. For all my efforts to show some skin, we kept it modest and PG.

On a technical note for you photo nerds, I kept it simple. We made a hand chalked backdrop that morning an used no more than 2 Profoto lights. The cover was shot with a customized Lowel Rollo rig, and got up in his face with a favorite lens.

On a fashion note, I could have left the jeans but I wanted to take this Burberry Jacket home (below). But oh Snap. It's $1,595. Take me to the sale rack at Macy's.

Art Director: Daivd Syrek
Photo Editor: Mike Zajakowski
Stylist: Patrick Chavez, Make-up: Morgan Blaul, Retouching (inside pages): Paradigm Color