Portrait of the Artist: George Klauba

Maybe it's because I too have had a lifelong connection with the sea that I'm fascinated by the work of my friend, George Klauba. George has completed a near decade long romance with a great whale. For as long as I've known George, he's painted his interpretations of Herman Melville's saga, Moby Dick in his intricate, dark style.

Portrait of George Klauba

I've been documenting George's paintings for his catalogs and exhibitions since beginning in the photography business in the 90's. He's actually the reason why I still own a view camera with which I make his 4x5 inch transparencies.

George, a former Navy sailor and tattoo artist lives in Chicago with his wife Judith and visits my studio every few months with some new paintings.
I'm simply fascinated by the detail and narrative that he builds into his work. It's lonely yet alive and full of determination. So rich with that salty tradition, it has me craving New England clam chowder every time.

George's newest work Celestial Voyagers depicts the spirits of sailors who have been lost at sea. His work is represented by the Ann Nathan Gallery in Chicago.

All artworks © George Kaluba