Stressful Skies

Why do people brag about how the they're all, "flying out to L.A." or have to "catch a flight to Dubai" when we all know FLYING SUCKS?  Almost nobody flies first class which may be something to brag about if you can afford it. I mean you get a meal and all the warm rolls you can stuff down your shirt but it's basically like going to IHOP with less leg room.

But imagine that flying was your life!  Yeah, the pilots get to be up front, barricaded from the throngs of passengers, but the flight attendants are in the trenches with us authority defying bathroom goers and Words With Friends addicted celebrities. 

We shot this cover for Time Out Chicago to encapsulate all hell and anxiety born by our always cheerful flight attendants. Trust me; this isn't your fathers PanAm anymore.

Photograpy: Saverio Truglia
Styling: Courtney Rust
Hair and make up: Karen Brody
Retouching: Tim Blokel
Talent: Heidi J. -Stewart Talent
Photo editor: Nicole Radja 
Blue tray: State of Illinois building food court.