Directing "Dig, Drop, Done!"

I recently completed a week long motion and print project promoting tulips and bulb flowers with Woodbine agency in Winston Salem. We shot the project in a North Carolina studio where I directed each of three characters to represent different kinds of gardeners. Marcy is the young mom planting in her yard with the kids. Juliana is the single, urban fashionista who plants in pots on her patio. And Evelyn, our empty-nester also plants in her yard, but with the help of her gardener, Roberto. He's so hot!

The videos are a riot. Check one out below and be sure to watch them all . Click on it.

Stay tuned to see the very expressive print pieces running in magazines.

Agency: Woodbine
Art Direction: Vickie Canada
Styling: Lani Paul
Art Producer: Liz Stovall
Account Direction: Ashley Dillon