Flipping the career switch.

Have you ever asked yourself whether you could abandon your successful but ultimately unsatisfying career to venture out in the great wasteland of Monster.com and CareerBuilder to instead have a job you really want? It's not an uncommon question to ask oneself, even in a down economy when just having a job means great success. But sometimes the devil you know is worse than the devil you don't.

I was asked by the Chicago Tribune Magazine to contribute portraits to a cover feature running today about 3 women who have done just that. One was a journalist, another a Radio City Rockette and the other a lawyer. They've all traded in the old gig for something fresh and new.

I'll leave it up to you to guess which woman was what in her previous career. Answers are way down below.

Becky Bartsch, Fourth-grade teacher

Nora Jewett, Fashion Designer

Dr. Laura Michaelis, Hematologist

Photo Editor: Michael Zajakowski

Becky Bartscch was a Radio City Rockette
Nora Jewett was a lawyer
Dr. Laura Michaelis was a journalist