Reptiles 'R' Us

Today, my studio took on the look of a reptile petting zoo.
We had no fewer than 6 gigantic pythons and one alligator gracing
our presence. I'm continuing a personal series about children, and
needed a large, healthy snake.
The snakes were gorgeous and so gentle. I recommend you try one on some time.
Much thanks to Angela Finney for her styling collaboration, and
Chicago Hepetological Society for making snakes possible.

Me and Phantom, the 80 pound Albino Burmese Python.

The picture I like best, though not the biggest snake.

Crew L to R: Keralee Froebal, Stephanie Foyer, Saverio Truglia, Angela Finney, Morgan Blaul, Cari Ann Wayman, and Chris Kitahara