The Chicago Reader: A fine Georgia peach.

By the end of this month, the Chicago Reader will no longer be the ol' Reader.
It will be stewarded from south of the Mason Dixon line in Atlanta, and take on a new look and feel. But not so fast! Before most of them depart holding pink, the editorial and art staff have knocked another beautiful issue out of the the park beside their offices at 11 E. Illinois St.

Since 1994 I've been fortunate to have worked with the amazingly flexible art and editorial staff. I'm fortunate because they always let me shoot how I wanted, printed it, and so I grew as a photographer.

For the September 14 fashion issue, I photographed 12 amazing people who dressed-up in other peoples clothes and played with me a while on set. The issue looks quite handsome, so do pick one up and save it in an archival Ziploc bag to show your grand kids what people looked like in the 20 ten's.