Mama Saverio comes to Chicago, again.

Soaking in a symbolic Lake Michigan in Millennium Park

It's been since summer 2001 that my mom, Ann has made the journey to Chicago now on the occasion that I have a new house and room to put her.
My mother is a registered nurse who owns 20 show horses in Ocala, FL and one of the busiest people I know. It was so nice to see her just sit down.

Pritzker Pavillion, Millennium Park

We took an architectural boat tour, ate pizza, shopped at Home Depot for my place (she can't stay away), walked around Pilsen, Wicker Park, downtown and ate Mexican and Pizza at Piece
and oggled at the variety Chicago has to offer.

The "East Room"

Against her will and inclination to not "be a bother", she slept in the new bed I bought for her
visit. She went further and completed it from Target with a matching comforter, towel basket with tiny toiletries, which she refused to use. It's called generosity I guess.