The Field Museum: Hiding in plain sight

A great time to visit the Field Museum of natural history is during any winter blizzard in Chicago because it's empty and most creepy. I visited the home of Sue the dinosaur today as the city was being blanketed by 6 inches of fresh powder. I was actually prop shopping at the gift shop for an upcoming shoot for Discover Magazine with a prominent evolutionary biologist. After which I took a stroll into a long darkened hallway.

Deer hiding in a diorama

The most extraordinary thing I rediscovered was the museum's wealth of gorgeous
taxidermy dioramas. Hundreds of beautifully preserved animals mounted into painted environments, some of them actually give you vertigo while peering into them.

Great Horned Owl diorama

Dozens and dozens of glass vitrines of exotic animals acting out the frozen dramas of their natural lives meander along the first floor of the old museum.

Zebra family diorama

As a photographer, I can not ignore the brilliance of Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto
who made nature dioramas into gorgeous photographs in his own way.

Hiroshi Sugimoto, 2004 Gorilla